Pets and anesthesia

Many veterinary procedures require your pet to be put under anesthesia so that it will not feel pain and will remain still. Like any medical procedure, anesthesia does have risks, but most healthy animals, including older pets, don’t have any issues and recover rather quickly. How do I know if anesthesia is safe for my […]

Cancer surgery

Can surgery cure my pet of cancer? Cancer is a scary diagnosis for any pet owner, but there are often surgical treatment options that can improve your pet’s quality of life and, in some cases, even eliminate the cancer. Is my pet a candidate for cancer surgery? Whether your pet is a candidate for surgery […]

Passive range of motion exercises

Passive range of motion exercises are designed to maintain function and increase the movement possible in a joint or limb by gentle stretches and motions of muscles and tendons. These exercises can benefit dogs that are arthritic, recovering from surgery, or suffering from muscle atrophy. Watch the video below for a demonstration of passive range […]