Radiation treatments give a Golden Retriever happy years

In the summer of 2008, while fishing near Juneau, Alaska, Dave and Eddylee Scott found a lump on the top of their 7-year old Golden Retriever’s head. They made a quick call back home to their veterinarian, Dr. Lance Campbell (’99 DVM), who advised them to take “Cassie” to a clinic in Juneau and have the lump removed. The Southeast Alaska Animal Medical Center removed the tumor—a benign multilobular tumor of the bone—but within 3 weeks the tumor returned.

An overview of cancer in pets

Just like humans, our pets can get cancer. It is a scary and serious diagnosis, but it does not mean your pet’s life is immediately over. WSU’s veterinary oncologists can discuss with you the treatment options available for your pet and answer any questions you may have. Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled and purposeless […]

Cancer surgery

Can surgery cure my pet of cancer? Cancer is a scary diagnosis for any pet owner, but there are often surgical treatment options that can improve your pet’s quality of life and, in some cases, even eliminate the cancer. Is my pet a candidate for cancer surgery? Whether your pet is a candidate for surgery […]