Animal in Surgery
Anesthesia & Pain Management
The safety and comfort of your animal is our top priority


The safety and comfort of your animal are always our top priorities. Our team of anesthesiologists and anesthesia technicians trained by board-certified specialists provides anesthesia and pain management tailored to each patient — large and small. Before, during, and after your animal’s procedure, our team works closely with hospital surgeons and integrative medicine specialists to provide the highest standard of care.

Advanced services we offer

Horse receiving anesthesia
  • Anesthesia and pain management for large and small animals
  • Injectable and inhalant anesthesia
  • Local and regional anesthesia/analgesia
  • Epidural injections and catheters
  • Sedation for minor procedures in high-risk patients
  • Management of difficult airways
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Blood component therapy
  • Use of advanced monitoring, such as end tidal agent, arterial blood pressure, arterial blood gases, and capnography

Health Topics

Pets and anesthesia

Many veterinary procedures require your pet to be put under anesthesia so that it will not feel pain and will remain still. Like any medical procedure, anesthesia does have risks, but most healthy animals, including older pets, don’t have any issues and recover rather quickly. How do I know if anesthesia is safe for my […]