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For Veterinarians
We are here to provide the best care for your patients.

For Veterinarians

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital has a new online patient portal where you can see your upcoming appointments, view invoices, or make a payment online.

If your last appointment with us was before November 1, 2023, please call 509-335-0711 and we can help you set up an online patient portal account.

Once we have created your online account, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password (please check you junk mail folder, if you don’t see an email in your inbox).  After you have reset your password, you will be prompted to log into the online patient portal.

We are proud to work with our veterinary colleagues around the Pacific Northwest, the greater United States, and Canada, and we want to make referring patients and consulting with WSU veterinarians as easy for you as possible. 

Also find out about current clinical studies, see our continuing education opportunities, post a DVM job for our graduates, learn how to become a preceptor, or honor your client’s pet with a donation in their name.


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A referral request provides the medical history to help us best serve you, your client, and your patient. On the referral form, please provide a case summary and any other details to provide care for your patient. Once the form is submitted we will contact you.

Please allow up to 7 business days for the processing of this referral and for callback and scheduling.  If this is more urgent, please note this on the form in the urgency section or call our main line at 509-335-0711 and speak to the specific service directly.


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We consult with veterinarians seeking advice or an opinion about the evaluation or management of a specific health problem during regular hospital hours. Please complete the consult form to request a consult.

Referring Veterinarians

Questions? Contact us 

Mailing addresses to send additional medical records

FedEx/FedEx Air/UPS

Washington State University
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
   205 Ott Road
Pullman, WA 99164

US Postal Service

Washington State University
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
PO Box 647060
Pullman, WA 99164-7060

Forms and information

Please complete and submit a referral form for all small and large animal specialty services. Medical records and images can be uploaded on the form itself, or you can email or fax medical records to us.

Referral forms and consultation requests are for veterinarians only. If you are a client needing medical information, please contact your regular veterinarian.

See below for specific hospital-wide services and testing laboratory forms.

Sample Submission Form
  • Hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, diagnostic cytology testing
  • Blood banking

Samples received after 4 p.m. will be tested the next business day unless an afterhours fee is charged. In-clinic patient testing is available on Saturdays from  9 a.m. – noon, will only be preliminary. Send-in/research samples are not processed on holidays or weekends. After-hours fee will be assessed for samples submitted after 4 p.m.

Sample Submission

  • Please include a completed Clinical Pathology requisition form. Include the veterinary clinic/veterinarian, address, and fax/telephone information.
  • Patient information should include full name, age, sex, species/breed and history.
  • All samples should be labeled with patient name.
  • Date of blood draw or sample collection should be on the form.
  • Samples should be received same day or shipped overnight on a cold pack, unless it is a slide cytology.
  • Serum, plasma samples should be separated from the RBCs.
  • An air-dried differential slide should be made if a CBC is ordered. The slide should be protected from freezing/heat exposure and should not be packaged with formalin fixed tissues.
  • NOTE: Ideally, shipping over the weekend or a holiday is not optimal for sample integrity. It is best to avoid this unless necessary.
  • Fluid cytologies, when possible, should have an air-dried direct slide made to preserve cellular integrity.
  • Cytologies should include sample site or fluid type with description of the lesion and any relevant history.
  • Cytology samples should not be packaged with formalin fixed tissues.
  • For cytology submissions requiring additional information, please attach a second page, preferably typed.

Resubmit a Sample

Samples are received under the same accession number and are not charged an additional test fee unless there is an additional shipping charge. To resubmit samples, follow the original guidelines for submitting specimens. Samples cannot be resubmitted after 14 days.

Saving Samples

Samples submitted to the Clinical Pathology Lab are saved for one week in the refrigerator. If additional testing is desired during this time, please notify the laboratory to determine if there is enough volume and sample integrity to run the test. CSF serum titer samples are saved frozen fortwo months. CSF titer samples are refrigerated for two weeks. Slides for cytologies are kept for a minimum of three years.

Fee Information

In-clinic patients: Clinical Pathology services for in-house patients are charged to the patient account upon accessioning and are invoiced to the client at time of discharge. Any additional testing requested by the clinician on the case after discharge will be charged to the client and billed.

Send-in sample testing: There is no additional fee for send-in specimens. The Clinical Pathology laboratory cannot receive samples sent in by the owner without an attending veterinarian on the case. The test results and invoice will be given to the attending veterinarian. We can only give results to the attending veterinarian.

STAT requests include an additional fee and are not available for all tests.

All fees are subject to change. Please direct invoice and billing inquiries to the accounting department at 509-335-0816. For test pricing contact the Clinical Pathology laboratory at 509-335-0745.

Miscellaneous Fees

Stat charge
After-Hours feeAfter-Hours fees will apply starting at 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, holidays, weekends (excluding in-clinic patient testing from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays)
Federal Express shipping feeMost send-out tests will also have a FedEx shipping and handling charge applied
Antech IDEXX shipping and processing feeSome send-out tests will have a sample processing fee instead of a FedEx fee

Please contact us at 509-335-0754 or

Our Holter service provides

  • All necessary equipment and instructions for a 24-hour digital Holter monitor recording
  • A full report with recommendations from a WSU board-certified veterinarian 
  • Discounts on recheck Holter monitors for long-term care

Note: The Holter monitor report and recommendations will be provided to the ordering doctor unless communicated otherwise. Please note that the report will often have treatment recommendations. We can prescribe medication if the patient was seen by WSU Cardiology within the last 12 months. Medication refills can also be arranged with the local veterinary team.

Certain breeds of dogs and cats have a genetic predisposition that causes adverse reactions to commonly used medications. Collies, Australian shepherds, and long-haired whippets are some of the commonly affected breeds. 

WSU offers a test to determine if a dog or cat has the MDR1 gene mutation.

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

  • Bacteriology, histopathology, serology, mycology, necropsy, toxicology, parasitology, molecular diagnostics and virology testing

Veterinary Continuing Education

Small and large animal continuing education for veterinary professionals.

Next Spring Conference is March 22-24, 2024 – Weekend conference with large animal, small animal, and technician tracks.

Honor your clients’ pets with a donation in their name.

The WSU Pet Memorial Program provides a way for you to offer meaningful comfort to clients who have lost an animal companion.

Clinical Studies

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