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Large Animal Veterinary Care
Comprehensive care in the field and at the hospital

Whether needing medical care for an individual goat or an entire herd of dairy cattle, we understand what goes into the treatment of agricultural animals.

Our team of board-certified veterinarians, residents and interns, licensed veterinary technicians, and fourth-year veterinary students work together to diagnose and treat dairy and beef cattle, goats, and sheep. We offer routine and emergency medical care in-field and at the hospital.

Some medical services we offer

  • Routine care, including vaccinations and parasite control
  • Livestock internal medicine, including infectious disease and non-infectious disease like rumen problems and respiratory disease
  • Surgery, including gastrointestinal surgery and castrations
  • Lameness evaluation and treatment

Some reproductive medicine services we offer

  • Breeding soundness exams for bulls, rams, and bucks
  • Infertility diagnosis and treatments, including artificial insemination, semen freezing, and embryo collection
  • Pregnancy examinations
  • Obstetrics, including elective and emergency Cesarean-sections

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WSU’s Large Animal Services are located inside the Large Animal Barn at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. For appointments, please proceed up Ott Road to the large animal intercom. Before unloading your animal, proceed to the reception desk to have your animal admitted.


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