New electronic records system coming to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is switching to a new integrated electronic medical records system, ezyVet, on Oct. 9 to enhance our ability to serve and care for our patients and clients.

Why are we making the switch?

  • In-the-moment record keeping: ezyVet enables our veterinarians to maintain, update, and access patient records in real-time, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in care.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Soon, our clients and referring veterinarians will have easy access to their pets’ medical records via our client and rDVM portals, currently under development.
  • Time efficiency: With ezyVet streamlining our operations, we’ll have more bandwidth to dedicate to our clients and patients.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team has put in extensive effort to ensure a smooth transition. However, please be patient and understanding during this period as our team becomes more efficient with the new software.