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Owners Kurt and Sarah Weidner with Chocolate and his favorite yellow ball.

It has been more than 3 years since Chocolate first came to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 2008.  But when he returned in November 2011, no one had forgotten this very special dog.  Everyone at the teaching hospital was happy to see him again and how well he’s doing today.  And Chocolate seemed excited to see them, too!

 Chocolate now lives with his owners Kurt and Sarah Weidner, who say he is thriving.
“Chocolate is doing great,” said Sarah. “He turned 5 this last summer and is happy and healthy.  Chocolate fits in so well with our family.”
When he first came to live with them in July 2008, he wouldn’t venture into the whole yard. Today, he charges to the back fence and acts more like a puppy than ever before.
“Although he hates doing his exercises and lets you know,” said Sarah. “But he still does them without too much trouble.  His favorite exercise is swimming.  He loves the water.”
And he’s still a celebrity at home where he is often recognized by people on the street who want to pet him. They take Chocolate everywhere these days. He goes camping, fishing, boating and even on snowmobile trips. 

 “Where we go our puppies go with us,” said Kurt.  

When they first got him, they asked themselves what they were getting themselves into. But there have been no problems, Chocolate and everyone else knows Chocolate’s limitations.
“We make accommodations for Chocolate in all we do and that works for all of us just fine,” said Sarah.
He still doesn’t use his right front paw to stand, but he does run and walk on it. 
“We thank everyone at WSU for all that they did to restore Chocolate’s health so that he could become a member of our family,” said Sarah.  “We just cannot imagine life without him.”