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Knowing we were able to go back for the follow up and have it financially taken care of helped me sleep.”

Kristy Fiorini, whose Corgi, Murry, was treated by WSU neurologists. Fiorini received $900, just a fraction of the costs, but being awarded the funds made all the difference for her.

WSU veterinary students started the Good Samaritan fund in the mid-1990s to help animals in need of special care, but whose owners could not afford treatment.

Because of the generosity of caring people like you, every year the fund helps hundreds of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, rats, bearded dragons, Guinea pigs, birds, and, yes, even snakes.

Good Samaritan funds are only awarded to treat animals that are patients in the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. 

Questions about how to be a Good Samaritan? Contact Kay Glaser at or 509-335-4835.

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